Turn on your own branded TV Channel

MediaWave provide you with a powerful system which will allow you to create your own in-house TV channel.

Entertain - Communicate - Promote

This technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities in direct communication with your customers. Content can be scheduled in advance so that you can target your audience with very specific messages depending on the time of day or day of the week etc.

MediaWave provide a complete solution from installation to content management. We start with a free consultation so that we can best understand how our display systems can be applied to meet your business requirements and budget.


This flexible system can display a variety of media Including videos, images, normal TV channels and scrolling news feeds. It is compatible with existing TV installations and, for gyms, with any existing cardio theatre systems.

Features & services include:

- FREE advice and consultation
- Supply and installation of all required hardware and software
- Design and setup of screen layouts
- Design and production of advertisements and promotions
- Direct supply of content channels such as ambient & nature 
   videos, fashion, news and entertainment programs
- Full music video service.
- Content Management
- Technical support

For more information please contact Conor O' Dwyer on 087 989 2596 or email to info@mediawave.ie